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Customizing the Windows Explorer "Send To" menu is a simple way to make faster frequent tasks. This app creates two new items for the "Send To" menu that provide some level of integration between the Windows Explorer and your TiddlyWikis (or, for that matter, any app where you often want to type file names):


  1. Put this file wherever you plan to keep it.
  2. Open the SendTo folder. You don't have to, but this may be a good time to review what is in there.
  3. Create the SendTo clipboard links
  4. You are done! Give the new items in the "Send To" menu a try.
    • If you don't like the concept, just Delete the SendTo clipboard links and this file.
    • If you like the idea but not the choices I made to build the TiddlyWiki links or the format of the new tiddler, open this file with an editor (notepad will do) and customize the top section.
    • If you have a basic level of javascript and often do some file-tiddlywiki related action that could use this approach, it should not be difficult to change the code to add an additional action.


This is DanceLikeMattHardingWare: you are free to do with this whatever you fancy, but you are expected to do some small a la Matt Harding dancing steps now and then.
If you are too serious to dance, consider changing some things in your life, or just use it under some form of beerware or Creative Commons licensing.

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