Bulk upload to googlepages: how to

Googlepages does not provide any non web interface to upload files there, like ftp or webdav. Having to select files one by one is time consuming, boring and error prone.

If you use Firefox and have write access to its install directory, you can load a local file that will let you select multiple files from a directory and upload them with just one click.

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  1. Setup a folder in your machine where you can place documents that will be loaded with chrome privilege. This sounds harder than it is: you just need to edit a file. Check more details here. Lets assume that you created a mychrome.manifest file in your Firefox's chrome dir, with the following contents:
    content mychrome file:///C:/my%20hacks/mychromedir/
  2. Download to mychromedir googlepages.xul and googlepages.js


  1. Open chrome://mychrome/content/googlepages.xul. Note that clicking on link shouldn't work,and you'll need to paste it or type it in the address bar.
  2. http://pages.google.com/ should be loaded,and you may need to sign on to it.
  3. Before selecting your files, you'll need to enable uploads by clicking on the [upload] link.
    From before clicking to after clicking
  4. Select your files using the Select files to upload button and the multiple file selection dialog that will appear.
  5. The files that you selected should be listed, next to a checkbox, under the button. As the files are uploaded, their checkbox is ticked.
  6. After the upload, googlepages will be reloaded, and you should see your files there. Unless you are done, back to step 3.

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